19.99 /pk of 1
  • remove & reapply

  • won't curl

  • won't fade

For those who prefer candy corn and pumpkin patches to gory goblins and ghoulish ghosts, we suggest embracing the sweeter side of Halloween with our Build-A-Scarecrow. Silly and smiley, this is wall art for those who put the Happy in Happy Halloween. Every body knows that scarecrows are put in the fields to scare away unwanted friends, guess this friendly guy didn't get the memo.
Each piece of this stunning decal is made of super high-quality polyester and gentle adhesive, allowing you to re-position your scarecrow time and time again, without causing any damage to your walls. Beautiful colors printed in a non-glossy finish make your scarecrow a standout piece.
  • Scarecrow stands approx 22” x 47” | 56cm x 119cm
  • 14 decals in total
  • high quality, full-color printing
  • polyester textile material with gentle adhesive backing
  • non-glossy finish
  • won’t curl or fall off
  • removable without causing damage
  • reusable
Before you start…
  • Plan out exactly where you want to position the decals before you start.
  • Your hands and the surface to which you will be applying your decals should be clean and dry.
  • Wait at least 2 weeks before applying decals to a freshly painted wall (or check the paint manufacturer’s recommendations).
Applying decals:
  1. Peel the decals off of the backing paper and stick them to the wall.
  2. Gently smooth the decals down with your finger to remove any air bubbles and to ensure all the edges are firmly stuck.
Removing decals:
  • Remove the decal by peeling it off very slowly at a sharp angle (180°).





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