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We knew you'd want to know how well our products held up - in real life. That’s why we put our products to the test in the hands of real families - and they wrote about it. Read what they had to say.

"They were extremely easy to apply and I tried to remove one to see if they could be easily removed by my son, and they wouldn’t budge!"
- Monique Hernandez Little Wonders, Big Dreams

"I am completely impressed and highley pleased with the Oliver's Labels. I love that they are colorful and fun! And I love how they stick!"
- Tabitha Hanner Saving Toward a Better Life

"There are dozens of cute designs you can choose if you want to make sure that your child doesn't accidentally bring home someone else's cup from daycare, or anything like that. Make sure you check out Oliver's Labels!"
- Allie Purdin Reviews from a Crazy Person

"Even with condensation on the water bottle, this label has yet to budge – it holds perfectly in place through dish washing as well!"
- Amy Arnold Simply Mama

"I put some of the shoe labels on my sons shoes and he has jumped in mud puddles and thrown his shoes around (normal 7 yr old stuff) and they still look new and are still holding strong."
- Barbara Pickett Barbara's News

"I placed them on various clothing items. I loved the fact that I could stick them onto clothes! I washed it, and they were still there! I read that they were meant to withstand the wash and....they did!"
- Nathania Goforth sophieandmomma

" when they both pick out the same toothbrush design we can just stick a label on them instead of writing their name with a marker that will wear off"
- Danielle McCoy Flip Flop Reviews

"I love Oliver's Labels. They were very helpful and friendly, shipping time was great, and everything is so cute!"
- Aubrey Kerr Kerrific Online

"In my sons words 'these are really awesome"
- Jennifer Levac Canadian Coupon Mom